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Shredding for all types of business


We offer recurring service, or one-time purge service at the lowest price.

How it works:

on site shredding at your business - mobile shredding truck


One of our trucks arrives at your facility.

Our friendly, professional service representative collects the documents.

on site shredding service - emptying consoles to take documents to mobile shredding truck
on site shredding service for your business - exiting your building

The documents are taken to our truck.

The bin is put onto an enclosed lift and dumped into the shredder where the material is shredded in minutes.

on site shredding truck - mobile shredding in operation
Mobile shredding truck dumping paper at recycling facility

At the end of the day, the shredded material is dumped, baled, and sent off to a recycling plant where it is turned into new paper.

Maxreal clear out before

Insite also offers the most hassle-free and lowest cost purge service.

Maxreal clear out during

We dump your material into our containers.

Jim load

Where it is lifted into the shredder while you watch.

Hard drives and other media.

We have a dedicated truck for shredding hard drives and other e-waste.


Contact us for a hard drive shredding quote

Facta hipaa sec compliant on site shredding service
Insite's process complies with all Federal and State privacy laws.
All shredded materials are recycled.

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