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Materials that we can no longer accept

Please note: updated materials that cannot be shredded:

The recycling industry changed significantly in 2019. Many materials that we used to shred along with your documents can no longer be accepted.  Prior to our arrival, please spend some time making sure that the following items have been removed.  Our pricing is based upon our ability to recycle the material, and contaminants can cause us to have to landfill our whole load that we collected for the day at great expense.  We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your help.

Materials that are currently unacceptable:

*Anything plastic including report covers, paper protectors, bubble pack mailers, x-rays, shrink wrapped items, transparencies, binders, CD's and floppy disks.

*Any heavy, dark items including hanging folders, brown grocery bags, photographs, and Pendaflex folders.

*Only minimal amounts of newspapers, magazines, and dark or brightly colored folders are allowed.

*Staples and paperclips are still OK!


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