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Fast, Friendly, Reliable Service

Quickly and easily solving your shredding and recycling needs.

•  Over 25 years serving the Bay Area.

•  No contracts!

•  Free containers.

•  Recurring or on-call purge service.

•  Service inside or outside of your building.

•  Costs less than you are currently paying.

Jim santana big
on site shredding service - 64 gallon locked bin for your confidential documents
on site shredding service - locked executive console used for document shredding collection and bin for mixed paper recycling
on site shredding service - hard drives
on site shredding service - documents and files being shredded

InSITE can shred your documents and hard drives, recycle your paper and pallets, and dispose of your fluorescent tubes and batteries.

on site shredding for your business - representative arrives to shred your documents
on site shredding service - boxes of documents to be shredded in mobile shredding truck
on site shredding service truck operation
on site shredding service - deposit documents into shredding bin

Our Method

We supply the bins and the service. It's that simple!
No contracts!
We want customers to stay with us because they are happy with our service - not because they are locked into an "airtight" contract.
We can provide regular, scheduled service with free containers that we provide, or we can handle the large amount of documents that you have stored up in a single visit.
Please visit our contact page, or e-mail us - we can handle it.
Facta hipaa sec compliant on site shredding service
Insite's process complies with all Federal and State privacy laws.
All shredded materials are recycled.